Sunday, April 14, 2013

From My Window

I heard someone crying in the street, so I went to have a look.

I see a man holding a revolver, pointed at the ground.  I think he lives on the street, but I don't really recognize him.  He walks into a building across the street, reemerges with the gun in his waistband.  He walks away.

The crying woman faints.  She is lowered into a chair by a group of women, who try to revive her.  There is some confusion, one of our neighbors herds her child into the house, but stays on the street herself.  Suddenly she cries out, and I see that one of the teenage mothers on the street is carrying a rock.  She's also carrying her baby.

The rock apparently is intended as a weapon, because a scuffle ensues, with four or five women pushing and pulling on the woman, the rock, and each other.  I am worried that the baby is going to be dropped, but he is plucked out of the arms of his mother by another teenager.  He starts howling.

Confusion reigns for a bit.  The teenage mother is chased back down the street away from her presumed target, who may or may not have been the crying woman.  I have no idea.

This last bit I'm not even sure I saw properly. It looked like the same girl who took the baby from her mother, still carrying the baby, picked up a beer bottle and smashed it on the ground, so she was carrying the broken bottle neck.  She disappeared from view, walking down the hill, with the baby and the broken bottle.

Nothing much happened after that.

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