Friday, April 5, 2013

Oh, those silly spammers

Nothing like a brainless post when I have better things to do...
So I just got this lovely comment on my skylights post:

 I'm glad that you did something about your roof. The metal's corroded and deteriorated. I'm sure anytime soon, water will start dripping from your roof when the rainy season comes. I think it's a good decision that you choose a skylight for your new roof. It'll let ambient light in, that will save you money. Plus, it won't corrode as fast as a normal metal roof.

This is the third one like this - it looks like a comment, but it's really spam. Actually, it's not exactly spam, it's a clever attempt to boost a site's SEO - that is, Search Engine Optimization. It links back, not to a housewife in Cleveland, or Ceará for that matter, but rather to a website for some roofing business. 

And I've gotten three - from three different roofing companies.  They're on a roll.

WTF, people - didn't you read the post??  My roof has no corroded metal because until I installed these skylights, there was no metal in it.  Unless you count the nails.

Anyhow, these are the only comments I get these days, so maybe I should publish them anyways.


markuza said...

I got another one today:

If you want to have a light and airy space, installing skylights is a great idea. It's also a simple way of giving your roof a stylish look. You can see the wonderful result of the skylights in your room! It's as if you're inside a large aquarium. Haha! That's very awesome.

markuza said...

Man these people are persistent:

A skylight perth is often a lovely roofs component. In the daytime it enables natural light to illuminate an income area and provides a beautiful look at the celebs later in the day. When it's a bit opened up, it's also great for ventilation, permitting awesome atmosphere within and naturally reducing living space heat. Even with these amazing features, the skylight perth could become the main cause of an important trickle.