Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Street Art Indoors

... Is an oxymoron.

It's also an event I just took part in, a collaboration with six other artists that I was invited to participate in.  It was a lot of fun, and one of the only real 'exhibitions' I've ever taken part in, with an opening and all the rest.  I won't mention the rest of my art resumé, it's a bit embarrassing.  The best parts have all been chronicled on this blog already.  Pretty much.  Except for when I've been lazy.  Of course, nothing was for sale and all the art will be gone in a month or so and I'll be left with memories and photos, if not more cash in my pocket.

Here's a picture:

Schmuck that I am, I only took pictures of my own work, but maybe that's just as well as I'm going to start being mean now.  One of these days this tendency is going to bite me in the ass, and I hope it's not today.  I really did enjoy participating in the event and I'm very pleased I got to take part.  I may have to say that several more times as a disclaimer.

I'm not going to be super mean.  It's just that the whole concept of the show was a bit weird for my taste, calling it 'street art indoors' and all that (I didn't come up with that title).  The thing is that almost none of the artists involved actually do any work on the street, with the exception of myself and possibly one other.  It's more 'street art' as a trend rather than, you know, art on the street.

You could say that any art on the street is street art, couldn't you?  By that definition, a statue of a politician in the median of the road would be street art, right?  I would say no.  So then does it need to be clandestine/illegal to be street art?  I would say not necessarily although others would disagree.  Why is some work street art and other work is graffiti?  Why do I say, with some frequency to anyone who will listen, that there is no real street art scene here in Salvador?

These are all very interesting questions and I hope you enjoyed them.  I hope they keep you awake tonight as you turn them over and over in your brain.  But this is the real question that came to mind during this collaboration: if you take a bunch of artists who don't work on the street and you put them in an institutional space (this was actually in a foyer, not a gallery) and have them make some art, can you call it street art?  Even if you qualify it as 'street art indoors'?

As they say on Fox News right after they've told you what they expect you to think: You Decide.

But I really enjoyed myself and I hope they invite me back again next year.

Here's another picture from my contribution:


Anonymous said...

Excellent work!

Keep the blog going - it is appreciated.

A question if I may; do you know what happened to the other American blogger in Salvador? I think his name was Leo?

If you haven't been to BA you should check it out. If I were an artist, I could see it as a great place to live.

markuza said...

Hi Anonymous in BA - I would love to visit Buenos Aires if not to live there, although who knows, I never expected to live in Brazil either. I'd look you up but they don't usually list an 'anonymous' in the phone book :)

Leo returned to the United States, his blog is still up: - we had some mutual friends but I only met him a couple times. Nice guy.

Cacaucoast said...

Wanna come and paint on a wall in Olivença?
I haven't been in the blogosphere for awhile, but I always come back to this one, and I'm glad you're still telling your stories here.
We're opening a distribuidora, and seriously, there is a nice piece of wall that could use some art.
BTW, the wall in the exhibition, was it "predecorated"?

markuza said...

Wow, that sounds really cool! I wouldn´t have a chance until September, but perhaps we could make something happen then. What kind of distribuidora is it?

Glad to hear you keep coming back to the blog. I have also been away from the blogosphere for a while...

The wall was pretty much blank when we got there. I should really do a follow-up to this, as another team came in and painted over/around it. I´ll put it on the list ha ha.

If you want to contact me directly you could do so via my website:

abraços desde SSA

Pardal said...

E aí Markuza! Your acid-tinged irony is entertaining! Don't limit your creative impulses to walls! Blogging is like music; the number of readers/listeners is completely independent of the quality of the observations/music! Viu?

markuza said...

Thanks Pardal!

Ester said...

I like how you write, Markuza, and in regards to your question, I think that it was needed, at least, a majority of street artists to be able to call it "Street Art Indoors".

Anonymous said...

Having just discovered your blog, I hereby command you - write !