Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I Command You to Write

Having just received the previous comment on one of my... 'recent' posts, who am I to refuse?

Not that I'm likely to say anything interesting or coherent, but a blog post every three or four months would be nice.  I've actually had a hankerin' to blog, but so many things get in the way.  In fact, I have at least four other things I should be doing right now, my first quiet moment at the computer this evening, but they can wait a few minutes.  They've certainly been waiting longer than that.

I suppose a list of exciting recent events would be useful, here's a few:

  1. I no longer have an employee at my store (did I ever mention that I did?) as the store doesn't take in enough money to maintain one
  2. I went to the USA with my wife and son, had a great time, then came back to the murder capital of Brasil
  3. I bought myself a teeny tiny drill press which I love, and am seriously considering buying a table saw as a result
  4. I am in the 'midst' of painting a large portion of the house, a job that will probably only take me six months
  5. A second cat fell through our roof and spent a whole day trapped on our property
  6. I am still working on the roof of Evani's house (see previous post)
  7. Still haven't printed any t-shirts, but I want to
  8. Still haven't finished the sign I'm working on for the store, but I'm getting there
  9. Still haven't finished the hatch I was installing on the roof
  10. Still haven't finished the three paintings I was working on six months ago
  11. This is getting depressing so I'm going to stop.
Yes, yes, all that is well and good but the big news of the day is that Lucas passed all his classes and is now officially on summer vacation.  I can't tell you how much of a relief that is for me, as it also means that *I* get a summer vacation, rather than spending a couple hours a day doing homework with the kid.  Which means I may have more time for the aforementioned incomplete projects.  Not that I'll necessarily finish them, I'm much more likely to start new projects that will also go unfinished.  But hey!  That's how I roll baby.

Okay, I need to get back to those other things I should be working on.  I have to get up early and drive out to the airport, which is bound to be a thrilling experience.  But first, here are some ideas I've had for blog posts that I probably won't write:

  1. How tiny my day-to-day world has become
  2. How the most obnoxious and offensive person on our street is now homeless and camped out in front of our building
  3. How a sizable percentage of our renters spend almost all of their time in Salvador here at the house surfing the internet
Congratulations to our little Lucas for completing third grade!!  Parabens meu filho!

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