Saturday, December 21, 2013

Still Wish I was in Taos

A quick follow up to yesterday's post: I may not have gotten a video of the rain I experienced in my house yesterday, but I did find this as I was cleaning up last night:

That, in case you can't figure it out, is a light fixture completely filled with water.  You can also see how the fan blades have been damaged by the water.  Here's another view:

Mmm doesn't that look appetizing!  Dirty water with dead bugs.

Good thing I shut off the power first thing when I came down from the attic.  I also disconnected the wiring for this and another fan before turning the power back on.  Now I wonder if I dry out those bulbs if they will still work... nah, not worth it - I'll never trust them again.  My father's wife's house nearly burned down when a compact fluorescent bulb turned into the Olympic Torch.


Anonymous said...

Bummer. I've "been there" in Buenos AIres; power out for a week......and living on the 30th floor = no elevators. Another time the water pumps died = no water for a week. Today, things are looking up; 100 degrees and the power grid is toast.

markuza said...

Wow - 30 flights of stairs? No power for a week? That sounds way worse than my own experience.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mark
A happy new year to you, and glad to see you were compelled to keep up the writing. Hoping you can offer some advice. I have a whole bunch of Brazilians living next door to me, about five or six of them it would seem, crammed into a three bedroom house. They moved in about a year ago, friends of the owners who had to move to another city for work. Now, most of the time these dudes are quiet enough, although they do have a tendency to talk VERY loudly if they're outside in a group. The women in particular seem to have trouble muting their enthusiasm . But when these guys do decide to make some noise, oy vey ! The parties start early, complete with bass-heavy music. and they go on for 10 or 12 hours well into the early hours of the following morning. The whooping and yelling and loud singing intensifies about half-way through, lulls, and then builds to a final crescendo accompanied by drums generally sometime around 2 in the morning. Attempts to engage with these guys or ask them to quieten down during the proceedings are met with casual disdain. It is slowly occurring to me that perhaps it is a cultural feature of Brazilians (generally speaking) to not really give that much of a shit about whether the noise they're making is disturbing the neighbours. Would you agree with this observation, and if so - what can one do to make better neighbours of a bunch of loud-mouthed Brazilians ? Alternatively, should I just be grateful the situation isn't worse, stop slagging off Brazilians, and just keep it to myself ? Any advice is appreciated.

A fan

markuza said...

Happy New Year to you too, mysterious Fan! I am curious where you live and have this situation.

I've been thinking lately that if I had to pick one word to describe Brazil, or at least Bahia, that word would be LOUD. They are very loud. Very very loud. Sometimes I feel like I live in an immense college town/dormitory/frat row at least as far as the noise and parties are concerened.

I would have to agree with your creeping suspicion that indeed it is a cultural thing that they don't give a shit what the neighbors think. I have one sixty year old neighbor who blasts old time romantic music sometimes until two or three in the morning and he could care less what the neighbors think. Even the churches can be deafeningly loud if they are having a service or a revival or whatever going on.

My advice to you? Call the cops. That will get their attention. Maybe. That's what I do, but even though there are noise ordinances in place they never seem to respond to the complaints. Your Brazilian neighbors are (apparently) not in Brazil, where their behavior would be more or less acceptable. Make it clear it's not acceptable wherever they are currently living.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Where's the next post? :)
I have moved to Salvador one month ago from Australia. Inspired to write my own blog after reading yours. Friends have been asking for one!

markuza said...

Thanks Anonymous! Now how am I supposed to read your blog if you're posting anonymously like this?? I suppose I could google you...