Sunday, May 18, 2014


I've always tried to "be a nice guy" and "do the right thing" whenever possible, because I like things 'to be fair' and "that's how I'd want other people to treat me too."  At one time I considered these to be positive character traits, although I've come to suspect that they are actually serious character flaws.

I had a fair amount of time to think about this after I dumped about half a gallon of paint on the car pictured above.  Well, I didn't actually dump it on there, but I did put the bucket on the ladder that got blown over by the wind while I was chasing a cat away from our front door.  One reaps what one sows, doesn't one?

My immediate inclination to take full responsibility for my actions as I was dashing for buckets of water and cleaning implements faded somewhat as I started to play out scenarios about the potential owner of the car and his or her possible tendencies to fits of ballistic rage.  My fears subsided somewhat as I was able to get pretty much all of the paint off, and I toyed with the idea of not saying anything at all.  If the car hadn't been parked right in front of my house I would have just driven away and forgotten about it.

Finally the owner did show up, and I of course "did the right thing" and told her what had happened (although I did play down the amount of paint spilled, and did NOT show her the above photo).  I told her I was concerned there was paint inside the doors and indeed there was a huge goober of paint inside the rear door.  She was quite mellow about it actually, but it was already dark and she was in a bit of a rush.  I gave her my number and told her if she wanted to get it professionally cleaned I would take care of it.  Why do I do these things?

If I'd just kept my mouth shut she would have driven off and never noticed.


scorpionhorde said...

That sounds like something that would totally happen to me. And much like you I have always, always tried to be fair and do the right thing. I am not a goodietoshoes I don't believe in god. I do like to think that if we do good then good will eventually come back to us. With that being said, you did what I would do and told the person what happened, they didn't seem to freaked out about it, all I would have done differently is to tell them that if it was not properly at that time then I would finish cleaning it at another time and skipped the professional cleaner part. I hope everything worked out well for you both. Some people have no conscience and no integrity. You have both. Two thumbs up

markuza said...

Thank you, I appreciate it! Sometimes I wonder if anyone values these qualities anymore. Glad to know someone does.