Sunday, January 11, 2015

But I Don't Want to Buy Toilet Paper

I just posted this on The Facebook, but I thought it was interesting enough to make an Instant Blog Post (TM):

I love having an e-book. Especially living in Brazil, where English language books are hard to find and expensive, it's really been great. I loved my first Kindle unconditionally, its only flaw was that it didn't have an internal light. When I turned it off, it showed portraits of different authors, including my hometown's own Emily Dickinson. My new Kindle has an internal light, which is awesome, but it also displays ads instead of authors when turned off. These used to be ads for books, which was sort of okay, but today I got an ad for f**ing toilet paper. Toilet paper, I might add, that I cannot even get here in Brazil. My ebook is still wonderful, but I can't honestly say I love it unconditionally like my old one.

And here was my immediately-after-posting follow-up:

Mark Pfohl This just in: as I registered the above comment, I decided to check to see if I can get rid of the ads, and this is what Amazon tells me:

This Kindle is currently subscribed to Special Offers and was purchased at a subsidized price ($20 discount). 

Amazon is able to offer the Kindle at a subsidized price by delivering Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers.

By unsubscribing you will be charged $20 (plus applicable tax).

Fuckers. But you know what? I'm probably going to pay the 20 bucks to get rid of the stupid ads.

I'm getting ready to click the button and pay the 20 bucks.  I really really really hate advertising.  Would you do the same thing?