Monday, October 12, 2015

The White Imperialist Strikes Back

Today, as you can see, I went back and finished my painting.  I waited for a day that I had to myself without other obligations so I could finish the damn thing, take my photo, and split.  This is in case my nemesis Johnny Bongos, the misguided revolutionary, decides to write more obscenities on it this evening.  I have a feeling he won't, but you never know.

I deliberated long and hard (way too long and hard) about what to do with my damaged painting, initially wanting to put a big bomb over the whole thing and forget about it - I may still do that if The Nemesis chooses to manifest.  Finally I decided to fix and finish the piece, mostly because it was so close to being finished and I'd been so pleased with how it was going.  If I'd had my druthers I would have spent more time on it, but it's already taken up too much of my time, so I just did what I could and on to the next project.

should'a taken a 'before' image as well

There's a debate in the graffiti community about the effect that the internet has had on the scene internationally, kind of like how there is a debate about how the internet has had an effect on... pretty much every element of our lives.  Probably the most scorned facet of this discussion is how the internet has allowed people to paint something in their backyard, throw it online, and start bragging about their mad skills.  I've heard people say (quite recently in fact) "I'm just doing it for the photo," and you know what?  That's exactly what I did right here.  Not to mention the fact that this is practically in my backyard, although not quite backyardy enough to be safe from the likes of the malevolent pixador Johnny Bongos!!

Speaking of Mr. Bongos, he never did come by the store to explain to me what the hell his problem is, although he did walk right by it on Saturday and didn't so much as glance in my direction standing on the sidewalk.  I debated calling out to him but I have been counseled repeatedly by my wife to just let it go and forget about the dude.  I did hear second hand that he was claiming that somehow I represent American imperialism to him (and the rest of the Salvador street painting scene perhaps), so I was hoping he would come by the store so I could disabuse him of this foolish notion.  I also heard that this Maconha guy (see previous post) is his cousin, which presents a much more likely scenario for his aggressive act.  He did take down the "White imperialism" post from his Facebook page, or at least made it private.

Several people, after viewing the "Fuck USA" photos have attributed his act to "Emoção," or emotion.  I'm not entirely sure I get this, but I do know that here in Brazil emoção is serious shit.  When there's emoção going on, best get out of the way.  My hope is that, if it was emoção, it won't strike again and dude will leave me alone and we can both get on with our lives.  Not that I believe for a second that he was nearly as bothered by this whole thing as I was.

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