Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Markuza Makes Art

Markuza was offered an opportunity to show his art.  A whole gallery (of sorts), all to himself.  He was sought out by the gallery (home gallery, actually, but it's better than that sounds) owner to do the show.  How could he refuse?

Markuza is flattered, but he is also super busy.  He is desperately trying to get the art together to fill up the space, which is large.  He works six days a week, walks the dog twice a day, makes food for his kid, and tries to make art in the rest of the time available.

He had hoped to make all new pieces, large paintings, etc, but he is coming up against the reality that it's not going to happen.  He has a fair number of older pieces which he can include.  It was suggested that he have an overarching theme to the work, but that ain't gonna happen.

It was also suggested to Markuza that he "break out of the rectangle" by making non-painting type art, which he has embraced with some gusto.  He probably alarmed and/or confirmed the suspicions regarding the sanity of non-brazilians to the garbage men when he hauled a bunch of particle board off the back of their truck.  This particle board, from a recently deceased cheap ass wardrobe, is now being cut into relatively 3-D versions of the monsters that Markuza likes to paint in the street.

Here's a couple of pictures of work in progress for you curious types:

Markuza won't be posting any pictures of the paintings at this time.  Maybe if he's motivated he'll write a post about the opening.  He's planning to do a Live Paint!

I love it when people refer to themselves in the third person.  All the best people do.

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