Sunday, October 1, 2017

New View

There are two things I love about my new apartment:  it has a view, and it is generally very quiet.  The absence of these two things have long been my biggest gripes about the house I have lived in for the last twelve years.

Wait a second, you may be saying, if you know me and/or follow this blog for some reason, don't you own that house?

Yes, in fact, I do.  Still do, although that may be in some dispute now.  My wife and son still live there.  I now live alone.

Alone?  you might say.  You left your house and your family?  you might add.  But you probably won't, as that was kind of obvious from the previous paragraph.

I really like my new apartment, except that I'm rarely here and when I am it seems awful empty most of the time.  My son likes the apartment too, but I think he generally prefers the noise of the old house and I'm not sure the view means much to him, except when we get the chance to see 200 motorcycles drive by, like we did today.  Never would have seen that from the other place.

The other big problem is that I left a largish house that I own for a place where I will now have to pay rent, and at least currently I'm still paying everything at the old place.  For now it's working out because I actually lucked into the place, some friends of mine got sick of Salvador and decided to leave, and they paid the rent through next month.  Once the real bills kick in things will get more complicated, but one thing at a time.

If you are hoping I'll say something about why after 12 years I left the house I'm afraid you'll be disappointed.  I will possibly make mention of what went down over the last year or so in future posts, if there are future posts, but then again maybe I won't.  It's entirely possible my next post will be sheepishly written in retreat, from the confines of my old, viewless bedroom.

But I kinda doubt it.